2005 CF Awareness Day
Celebrating 25 years!

Members of the CF Community:

A warm hello to you and your family. This November, the Chicago CF Awareness Day will be celbrating its 25th year! We appreciate the many CF caregivers and coordinators who have come together for many years to plan this important event.

We feel this is an exciting time to show the progress in CF over the last 25 years. Thus, in our morning plenary session this year, we plan to present a brief history of the CF Awareness Day and CF care/life in the Chicagoland area. We would like to include pictures and memories/stories from past Awareness Days, CF camps, CF Walk/fundraisers, treatment regimens, etc. - from many years ago up to the present - and we need your help.

Please send us pictures and/or stories that would help us highlight these aspects of our CF community. (They could be serious, humorous, informative, playful, celebratory, or in memory of a loved one with CF.) Contextual information should accompany the pictures: appropriate date, event description, and related stories/memories. If possible, please include a current picture along with an older picture (old therapy-related equipment contrasted to new equipment, baby/child picture contrasted to current teen/adult pictures, etc.)

In order to use your pictures, however, we must have your permission. Please sign the bottom of this letter giving us permission to include pictures of you or your child in the slide show, and include it with your pictures. (If you send digital pictures, please sign the permission and send it in to us by snail-mail.)

You can send us your pictures and stories in the self-addressed envelope provided with this letter. All pictures in hard copy will be returned to you. Alternately, you can e-mail your digital pictures (and stories) to us via our Chicago CF Awareness Day website e-mail address: cacfa@chicagocfawareness.org.

After the 2005 Awareness Day, we hope to post many of these pictures and stories in a special history page on the CF Awareness Day website. If you would like us to include your submissions on the website, please check the appropriate box on the permission form. If the box is not checked, we will assume that you are only submitting pictures/stories for the November 19, 2005 Awareness Day presentation.

Thank you in advance for all your help. We will incorporate as many appropriate submissiions as we can into the presentation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Chicago CF Awareness Day planning committee

Permissions Form

I, ______________________________ give the Chicago CF Awareness Day Committee permission to use pictures of _______________________ in the 25th year presentation at the Chicago CF Awareness Day, November 19, 2005.


____ Please include these pictures on the Chicago CF Awareness Day website.


____ Please do NOT include these pictures on the Chicago CF Awareness Day website.



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