2003 Handouts and Slideshows

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Morning Plenary Session:

CF Research Update 2003 presented by: Lucille Lester, MD, CF Center Director, University of Chicago Hospitals

1. Slide Presentation (HTML) Portions of the original PowerPoint presentation were provided by the CFF and presented at the 17th Annual North American CF Conference, Anaheim, CA.


Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Infection Control/Airway Clearance
Jeannine Cheatham and Cathy O'Malley

1. General outline and data from the CFF Patient Registry (PDF)

2. CFF Guildelines to Minimize the Spread of Infection Between People with CF
CFF B cepacia Guidelines (HTML)
CFF B cepacia Policy (HTML)
CFF B cepacia FAQs (HTML)
Federal Register: B Cepacia Significant New Use Rule (
HTML) (enter "40 CFR part 725 AND Burkholderia Cepacia" in the search field, and then click on the "Significant New Use Rule" summary link)

3. CFF Respiratory: Stopping the Spread of Germs (PDF)
(Warning! This download will take 3-4 minutes....)

4. Airway Clearance Techniques (PDF)

5. Instructions for Cleaning and Disinfecting your PARI Nebulizer (PDF)

6. The Latest on Infection Control for Nebulizers (PDF)


Adult CF Issues
Maureen Garvey

1. Pulmonary Complications (PDF)

2. Fat-Soluble Vitamins (ADEK) (PDF)


Participating in Clinical Trials
Cynthia Dunafon and Dr. Young-Jee Kim

1. Types of Clinical Trials (HTML slide presentation)

2. Further Reading/Internet links (MSWord for Windows)
Further Reading/Internet links (PDF)

3. Bulletin board presentation of tgAAV Gene Therapy Trial (2.5M download)

The information contained in the handouts was submitted to Chicago Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association by the program participants; CACFA does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information.